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by chris87
22 Mar 2018, 10:38
Forum: General questions
Topic: Release Notes fw135
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Re: Release Notes fw135


can you please update my Cameras to 135
Serialnumber g281fd2 and g2698dc

Thank you Best Regards
by chris87
24 Jan 2018, 19:46
Forum: General questions
Topic: [CLOSED] IOS App not Finding Presence
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Re: IOS App not Finding Presence

i have the same Problem, my Precence iOS App cannot find the Precence Camera although the Presence is blinking..
But i dont have an Android Device..
by chris87
04 Jan 2018, 08:23
Forum: General questions
Topic: [CLOSED] Firmware 119
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Re: Firmware 119


Could you please push the firmware to my two Présence

70:ee:50:28:1f:d2 and 70:ee:50:26:98:dc

Thank you
by chris87
17 Nov 2016, 10:58
Forum: General questions
Topic: Change SD Card
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Re: Change SD Card

yes there is no Information in the manuel why ?
by chris87
17 Nov 2016, 09:08
Forum: General questions
Topic: Microphone noise
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Re: Microphone noise

i allways have an electronic humming in my Videos is that normal?

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