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by PussInBoots
18 May 2017, 20:03
Forum: General questions
Topic: Welcome camera disconnecting/reconnecting
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Re: Welcome camera disconnecting/reconnecting

Same problem, since a few days camera disconnects several times each day.
by PussInBoots
15 Jan 2017, 10:39
Forum: General questions
Topic: Is Netatmo presence supported by any smarthome hubs?
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Re: Is Netatmo presence supported by any smarthome hubs?

I use IFTTT to setup an alarm when "Presence" sees a person, works great. As far as I know, all Netatmo products are IFTTT compatible.
by PussInBoots
16 Dec 2016, 14:44
Forum: General questions
Topic: Bring back Logitech Alert
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Re: Bring back Logitech Alert

Johan_Netatmo wrote:We are working on the bitrate issue. It will get better in a futur release. Please be patient we did heard your requests.
Thanks for listening to your customers, highly appreciated! Thanks.
by PussInBoots
12 Dec 2016, 11:49
Forum: General questions
Topic: Many features missing, need your opinion
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Re: Many features missing, need your opinion

I would like to have user selectable alarm tones, e.g. different alarms for animal, person, car and an option to set a louder and longer alarm during certain times so that you would wake up from it.
by PussInBoots
09 Dec 2016, 20:38
Forum: General questions
Topic: App WI-FI error during install
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Re: App WI-FI error during install

Had same issue when trying to set it up with my iPhone, it always stopped with a message like "unexpected error, try again". Don't know whether it's an iOS issue, or an app problem or just my incompetence. However, I used then an old Android tablet and the setup went smooth. Afterwards access to cam...
by PussInBoots
09 Dec 2016, 20:19
Forum: General questions
Topic: Precence FW
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Re: Precence FW

My experience:
09:55 - update starts
12:55 - cam goes offline
13:34 - update completed
13:34 - cam restarts
13:36 - cam online, everything works fine since then

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