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by Hozzi
07 Apr 2018, 16:53
Forum: General questions
Topic: Presence disconnects and reconnects continuously
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Re: Presence disconnects and reconnects continuously

If you have a router that combines the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies you may want to separate them out and rename the SSID for each frequency.
Netatmo only connects on 2.4GHz and I discovered recently that on on a Sky router that this caused disconnection problems when the frequencies were combined.
by Hozzi
08 Mar 2018, 15:09
Forum: General questions
Topic: camera picture won't playback correct
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Re: camera picture won't playback correct

I had a similar problem, only worse. The sd card was the problem. You can either try a different sd card or you may find that just playing around by taking the existing sd card in and out and making sure it is firmly positioned helps. Turn off the power to the camera before reinserting the card. If ...
by Hozzi
06 Aug 2017, 21:35
Forum: General questions
Topic: Detection is not working
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Re: Detection is not working

Not working for me either in the UK
by Hozzi
05 Aug 2017, 11:00
Forum: General questions
Topic: Notifications extremely delayed
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Re: Notifications extremely delayed

I have the same problem, in fact I don't seem to be getting notifications at all even though the camera is working and Live View works fine.
by Hozzi
05 Jul 2017, 15:34
Forum: General questions
Topic: Wifi Signal Range
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Wifi Signal Range

It seems to me that Presence cameras do not have good wifi signal range. In desperation I have installed a Devolo wireless repeater within 3 metres of my camera and all my problems have been solved. Playback is much better and it doesn't go offline. It still shows only 3 bars out of 4 for the wirele...
by Hozzi
27 May 2017, 12:05
Forum: General questions
Topic: Camera stopped working after firmware 95
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Re: Camera stopped working after firmware 95

My camera keeps disconnecting since the new firmware update. I have restarted it, rebooted the router and still it keeps disconnecting every few hours.
It was generally fine with the previous firmware, just the odd disconnection now and again.
by Hozzi
23 Mar 2017, 16:54
Forum: General questions
Topic: FTP Storage
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Re: FTP Storage

Well I am still struggling with this. Netatmo have been unable to resolve the issue and I have also spoken to Asus who provide my router. When I try to save my videos via FTP I still get this message 230 Login successful. 257 "/" 550 Failed to change directory. 550 Permission denied (restr...
by Hozzi
20 Feb 2017, 12:01
Forum: General questions
Topic: Change SD Card
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Re: Change SD Card

Since I installed a fast 32gb card my camera has improved dramatically.
I used a Samsung 32GB PRO MicroSDHC Class10 UHS-I.
I do find though that the wifi range of the camera is a bit limited and unless it has a good signal playback can stutter.
by Hozzi
20 Feb 2017, 11:51
Forum: General questions
Topic: Have Had Enough of This!
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Re: Have Had Enough of This!

I have to say I haven't had any recognition issues apart from a deer occasionally recognised as a person, but this is quite understandable.
by Hozzi
09 Feb 2017, 17:55
Forum: General questions
Topic: Installed Presence Saturday. Had 2 disconnects so far
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Re: Installed Presence Saturday. Had 2 disconnects so far

My disconnections have ceased since firmware v87 was installed

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