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by Lebro
22 Jan 2018, 18:48
Forum: General questions
Topic: Micro SD cards "classes"
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Re: Micro SD cards "classes"

I replaced the original 8GB with a Sandisk Ultra 32GB class 10. No improvement in quality at all. I placed the original back because it can take 3 weeks of recording. Why would they soon failing? The image quality is poor because of the software.
by Lebro
29 Apr 2017, 11:43
Forum: General questions
Topic: recognition very disappointing
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Re: recognition very disappointing

You must improve all the wrong notifications every day. It took me six weeks before the wrong reports stopped. So be patient.
by Lebro
26 Jan 2017, 15:04
Forum: General questions
Topic: Presence - Unable To Connect
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Re: Presence - Unable To Connect

Do you keep your iPhone near the camera, within 30cm? Otherwise "searching for camera" continues endles.
by Lebro
26 Jan 2017, 14:27
Forum: General questions
Topic: Duration for Push Notifications
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Re: Duration for Push Notifications

My camera takes 10 seconds to send a notification. The SD-card is replaced by a 32GB Sandisk Ultra microSDHC, nothing changes, not even the poor image quality.
by Lebro
20 Jan 2017, 11:46
Forum: General questions
Topic: Push notifications not working at all
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Re: Push notifications not working at all

Netatmo, is it so difficult to put a message on the main page so that not everyone has to reset his camera and look for an error that is with you? I was also searching!

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