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by zypa
08 Mar 2018, 23:25
Forum: General questions
Topic: Thermostat not turning off
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Re: Thermostat not turning off

try also the following experiment: - disconnect the cables (let them in the air not connecting to anything). Check if the boiler stops. If it stops then there is a problem with the netatmo. It short circuits the signal in ON position - try also to bypass the wires and connect the relay directly to t...
by zypa
11 Feb 2018, 00:36
Forum: General questions
Topic: Malfunction of Thermostat - Boiler continous ON problem
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Malfunction of Thermostat - Boiler continous ON problem

Hello, I am contacting the forum since the technical support did not reply after 1 week from when I have sent an email. I am having a problem with the thermostat, more exactly it does not know anymore how to close the boiler. At first the boiler was turning on and off continuously for hours and thou...
by zypa
23 May 2017, 21:07
Forum: Thermostat Network Set-up
Topic: Thermostat cannot find relay
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Re: Thermostat cannot find relay

I have the same problem.

Relay and thermostat do not seem to peer up.
The thermostat is wired on the wall. The relay is at 1m distance in plain sight. Nothing, they do not communicate.
What to do now?

thanks and best regards

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