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by noyfb
17 Dec 2018, 00:15
Forum: General questions
Topic: cross domain outage?
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Re: cross domain outage?

Same here.
Does Netatmo not have a "System Status" webpage that communicates outages?
Seems like an easy thing to provide.
by noyfb
09 Sep 2017, 17:14
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Feature Request for Alert Zones
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Re: Feature Request for Alert Zones

by noyfb
09 Aug 2017, 16:54
Forum: General questions
Topic: Please Explain the Event Detection process
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Please Explain the Event Detection process

Hello Jofre I'm hoping you or someone from Netatmo can explain what is happening "behind the scenes" with the Presence. Given the recent problems with the Alert notifications. It raises the question on why security event detection is not done locally, at the device. The reason I purchased this unit ...
by noyfb
06 Aug 2017, 16:41
Forum: General questions
Topic: Amazon Review (1 star)
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Amazon Review (1 star)

I've just posted a 1 star review on because of this detection/alert product defect. ( The Netatmo Presence was a verified purchase through Amazon ) I would encourage others to do the same, perhaps then we can compel Netatmo to improve their customer support feedback. Unfortunately, this f...
by noyfb
05 Aug 2017, 16:34
Forum: General questions
Topic: Detection is not working
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Detection is not working

Have had my Presence for a number of months. Last couple of days the detection was delayed for a few hours. Now detection and alerts have stopped completely. Last night the camera was in 'disconnected' state, at 10:47pm. Had to power cycle it twice to get it to reconnect. Assuming that Detection is ...

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