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by yonasl
02 Dec 2017, 21:32
Forum: General questions
Topic: New firmware to have valves turn ON heater
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New firmware to have valves turn ON heater


Any news on when and how to get the new firmware for the valves, thermostat and relay. I understand the issue with the valves not turning the heater ON has now been resolved.


by yonasl
27 Nov 2017, 18:05
Forum: General questions
Topic: Request: Per-Room Scheduling
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Re: Request: Per-Room Scheduling

Check this ... ... 755#p50487 May not be perfect but allows me to have different temperatures per room at different points of the day.
by yonasl
27 Nov 2017, 18:02
Forum: General questions
Topic: Multiple temperature/time schedules
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Re: Multiple temperature/time schedules

You can solve this by creating temperature settings per time instead of "eco", "comfort", "boost", etc. For instance: - Morning: Living 20C, Bed1 23C, Bed2 23C, Kitchen 20C - Day: Living 23C, Bed1 20C, Bed2 20C, Kitchen 23C - Evening: Living 23C, Bed1 22C, Bed2 22C, Kitchen 23C - Late Evening: Livin...
by yonasl
27 Nov 2017, 13:52
Forum: General questions
Topic: Two thermostats in 2 floors (same house)
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Re: Two thermostats in 2 floors (same house)

Hello, Each thermostat is linked to its own relay so NO you cannot do what you want. A possible solution would be to have a thermostat on the living room and a valve on a room upstairs (but notice valves cannot currently turn the heating on, just adjust the flow). I do not know if some DYI experts h...
by yonasl
27 Nov 2017, 13:46
Forum: General questions
Topic: Different method for scheduling
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Different method for scheduling

Hello, Just a reflection on how the scheduling is currently setup vs. how I did it in order to accommodate my needs. May be of help for some people. The current scheduling revolves around different settings such as "comfort", "eco", "boost". Once can setup for each the temperature required for each ...

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