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by ramoncolom
01 Feb 2018, 20:45
Forum: General questions
Topic: Valves not closing after a few days
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Re: Valves not closing after a few days


Have the same problem..... some valves stay open unless they reach the temp before thermostat switches off boiler.
Hope this is fixed soon otherwise the valves are useless
by ramoncolom
30 Jan 2018, 17:26
Forum: General questions
Topic: radiator valve remains open
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radiator valve remains open

Hi. Ive got 13 radiator valves and 2 thermostats. One thermostat is installed in the living room and the other one in the main bedroom. Yesterday The living room thermostat triggered to heat that zone but for some reason, the 3 radiators in the bedroom (paired to the other thermostat) where in open ...
by ramoncolom
23 Dec 2017, 10:55
Forum: General questions
Topic: thermostat firmware update
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thermostat firmware update


My thermostat still has firmware 59. All other valves and relay have been updated.
any ideas?


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