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by cgarde
14 Jan 2019, 14:07
Forum: General questions
Topic: True Temperature not working
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Re: True Temperature not working

I have had exactly the same problem ever since i bought the valves (5 in total). In some rooms the temperatures are more off than in others. As you say the valves report flat temperatures even though the real temps (according to Netatmo wheather station indoor sensors) are falling. The only room tha...
by cgarde
03 Sep 2018, 14:25
Forum: General questions
Topic: Suggestion: use Netatmo Weather Station temperatures
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Re: Suggestion: use Netatmo Weather Station temperatures

I agree. A separate temperature sensor which you can place a bit away from the radiator would be perfect.
by cgarde
23 Jan 2018, 15:13
Forum: General questions
Topic: Valve temperature stuck
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Re: Valve temperature stuck

Hi, I've been using the Netatmo thermostat to control my electric boiler for the last 1,5 years. Very happy with the design and funcionality. A week ago I installed 5 radiator valves to better be able to control the temperature in each room of the house. It worked fine for the first day but then I n...

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