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by rbarsa
26 Sep 2018, 16:07
Forum: General questions
Topic: Strange regulator behaving
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Strange regulator behaving

Hi, I have recently start the heating using Thermostat and 7 valves. Systém is running in comfort mode. One of the room temperature's control behaves strange ( See bellow). Time program was supposed to go from 20 to 18 C nad stay,but went to 25 instead. Pleas e can you advise, what is wrong and how ...
by rbarsa
19 Mar 2018, 15:41
Forum: General questions
Topic: Valve temperature controlled by indoor meteostation
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Valve temperature controlled by indoor meteostation

Hi, my valves are installed on radiators horizontally, but because the main vertical pipes are so closed to it ( about 30-40 cm), the heat is distributed up to valves (even when closed) so valves shows incorrect higher temperature. The temperature on valves is by 3 degrees higher than in reality mea...
by rbarsa
05 Mar 2018, 22:57
Forum: General questions
Topic: Stop recognising faces on TV
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Re: Stop recognising faces on TV

I am having the same issue, as my camera face the TV and do not have an option to place it elsewhere .
Masking option would be appreciated. Thanks
by rbarsa
05 Mar 2018, 20:08
Forum: Translations & Localization
Topic: Slovak/czech language
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Re: Slovak/czech language

Hi, I would also appreciate the Czech translation for my parents. Let me know, if You need my help with translation .Thank you

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