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by rodcaine
31 Aug 2019, 16:32
Forum: General questions
Topic: Away mode for HomeKit
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Re: Away mode for HomeKit

I second this. It’s annoying not to have automatic frost protection when it would be so easy to implement
by rodcaine
31 Aug 2019, 16:27
Forum: General questions
Topic: Netatmo thermostat out of production?
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Netatmo thermostat out of production?

I have been considering buying a Netatmo thermostat and TRVs for my mother’s house, however they are out of stock in a lot of British stores, and on clearance sale at John Lewis. Does anybody know if they are being replaced, or is Netatmo getting out of thermostats?
by rodcaine
30 Sep 2018, 21:22
Forum: General questions
Topic: Temperature Correction 'true temperature'
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Temperature Correction 'true temperature'

Has anybody noticed that the smart valves no longer allow you to set temperature correction both for cold and hot radiators?

I'm setting up a couple of new valves but I have no idea whether to do it when the rads are hot or cold. I assume cold, but I can't be sure.
by rodcaine
20 Mar 2018, 00:04
Forum: Thermostat iOS/Android/Web Application
Topic: Add modes to HomeKit
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Re: Add modes to HomeKit

I bought the Netatmo because of the available radiator valves and HomeKit support. I stupidly assumed that HomeKit would be able to switch modes. Please add this soon!

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