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by Teamtaylor84
13 Apr 2020, 13:16
Forum: General questions
Topic: Wind Guage issues
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Wind Guage issues

Hi hoping someone can help. I’ve had my wind gauge for a couple of years but last night it started displaying the message “this module can take some time to make its first measurement” and hasn’t come back online since. I’ve replaced the batteries and left it inside near the main station but still n...
by Teamtaylor84
29 Dec 2019, 20:03
Forum: General questions
Topic: Alexa control
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Alexa control

I’ve recently paired my echo with my presence. While it’s great I can turn the light on and off with voice control I’m getting frustrated not being able to turn the light back to auto. For example...light is set to auto but I want to turn it on manually using voice I say “Alexa, turn on outside ligh...
by Teamtaylor84
28 Sep 2019, 22:12
Forum: General questions
Topic: "Improve detection" working?
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Re: "Improve detection" working?

I think it’s safe to say Netatmo have well and truly abandoned this camera now unfortunately. As mentioned updates are few and far between despite there being many things that could do with a tweak or improvement. Many new products being released which seem to be where their attention is solely focu...
by Teamtaylor84
28 Sep 2019, 22:04
Forum: General Questions
Topic: Outdoor Siren
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Outdoor Siren

I see you’ve recently released an indoor siren for use with the indoor camera. It apparently features function of being able to sound the alarm manually. Can this be used independently? For example I have the outdoor camera but not indoor but would be useful if after receiving an alert from my prese...
by Teamtaylor84
10 Feb 2019, 14:40
Forum: Weather Station iOS Application
Topic: No feels like in widget
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No feels like in widget

The feels like temperature and the rain forecast always appear blank in my widget even after deleting and reinstalling the app. Any ideas?
by Teamtaylor84
12 Jan 2019, 14:27
Forum: General questions
Topic: ARCHIVED - New Product Request:: Presence Mini (doorbell camera)
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Re: New Product Request:: Presence Mini (doorbell camera)

While I'm sure the Doorbell is going to be a great product, I personally would love Netatmo to also sell just an outdoor camera. Like a presence mini if you like, a small compact outdoor camera without the floodlight but with all the great camera features I already enjoy. Also on the subject of the ...
by Teamtaylor84
24 Nov 2018, 12:04
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Feature request: Reboot Button
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Re: Feature request: Reboot Button

100% in need of this
by Teamtaylor84
24 Nov 2018, 12:02
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Wind Chill
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Wind Chill

Not sure if it's been suggested/rejected before but I think the option of the wind gauge offering a wind chill reading would be good. I read that the wind gauge improves the "feels like" measurement on the outdoor module, but to be honest I'm not all that convinced it's made any difference to my rea...
by Teamtaylor84
21 Nov 2018, 07:57
Forum: Setting up my Weather Station
Topic: wind guage install problem
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Re: wind guage install problem

So, randomly it all started working last night (I'd left it connected and in place outside). Looking in the settings I see that the firmware on the base station has changed from 135 to 137 and the wind gauge changed from 18 to 19. Evidently (for me anyway) firmware was the problem. Hopefully this wi...

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