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27 May 2020, 10:19
Forum: Netatmo API
Topic: Documentation correct?
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Documentation correct?

Hey there, 1. the push events received by the webhook are described here but there are inconsistencies for the "Indoor camera is connected"-Event. All keys are described without underscore, but I guess they are aligned with all other events, are they...
13 Aug 2018, 22:42
Forum: Netatmo API
Topic: Which schedule is used
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Which schedule is used

When receiving data from, I may get multiple schedules in one home object, but it seems to be impossible to determine which particular schedule a home/module/device/room is using. Will it always be the first schedule? If not: How do I identify the current active...
13 Aug 2018, 22:35
Forum: Netatmo API
Topic: C# Windows UWP programming, how to start?
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Re: C# Windows UWP programming, how to start?

Hey, your request is invalid. The OAuth2 protocol defines this request must be form-urlencoded ( The client makes a request to the token endpoint by sending the following parameters using the "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" format). So JSON-Body w...
27 Jul 2018, 20:16
Forum: Netatmo API
Topic: Developing a Java API Lib
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Developing a Java API Lib

Hello there, since I am not satisfied with the existing Java Netamto-SDK or libs in the wildlife out there, I was starting to create my own one in Kotlin with focus of Java usage compatibility. First ist was just for the purpose of integrate the energy api calls into openhab2 but it evolved a bit… h...

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