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by Effendi68
23 Apr 2020, 18:15
Forum: General questions
Topic: HomeKit Connection failure
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HomeKit Connection failure

My both cams are loosing HomeKit Connection dayly since a few days. If I restarts the cams they are working in HomeKit but after a few hours HomeKit Connection gets lost. I tried it three times, Connection gets alltimes lost.
FW 179.
Any Ideas?
by Effendi68
20 Nov 2018, 18:25
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Feature request: Reboot Button
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Feature request: Reboot Button

I miss in the Netatmo app the ability to restart the cameras. Especially the outdoor cameras can only be restarted by removing the fuse in the power distribution. In case of problems, it should be easy to restart the camera with the App.
by Effendi68
20 Nov 2018, 18:17
Forum: General questions
Topic: homekit loses the connection with one camera
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homekit loses the connection with one camera

Hallo everyone, I have two outdoor cameras and so far worked homekit reasonably. Now one of the two cameras in Homekit is constantly displayed as unreachable, but in the Netatmo app it is available. If I disconnect the camera briefly from the current and start again, then both cameras are also avail...

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