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by markus71
23 Nov 2018, 18:17
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: REQUEST: Local server
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REQUEST: Local server

Hello Netatmo Team, please give us a server instead of the cloud service to be run locally e.g. on a Rasperry Pi. Reason: I'm very dissapointed that you start selling the data provided by the community (even if anonymous) to enterprise customers. This is a very bad idea and as long as there is no ab...
by markus71
23 Nov 2018, 17:43
Forum: Netatmo API
Topic: SERIOUS ISSUE with /api/getstationsdata
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Re: SERIOUS ISSUE with /api/getstationsdata

@Netatmo Team: This problem is still NOT solved - I double and triple checked all on my side and I'm still experiencing the problems, which have been reported here since a few days. Nothing changed or updated on my side, it is definitely a Netatmo server side issue. Please solve this as soon as poss...

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