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by achay
03 Jan 2019, 10:48
Forum: My Weather Station data
Topic: No data refresh
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Re: No data refresh

remember wrote:Again?
without updates for more than 40 minutes!
Here too. Last update 1 hour ago.
by achay
22 Dec 2018, 07:41
Forum: Weather Station iOS Application
Topic: Reliability issues ... and more.
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Re: Reliability issues ... and more.

From the Thursday night (Friday morning) maintenance the server access became really slow (from Hungary). This issue is visible at the thermostat too.
I've checked other weather stations and it is not a local network related problem. Netatmo, please undo what happened on the maintenance.
by achay
05 Dec 2018, 07:32
Forum: General questions
Topic: Schedule no longer working
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Re: Schedule no longer working

Hello, I have been using the netatmo boiler thermostat NTH01 for 2 years without problems. However, recently my broadband provider changed our modem and since then the schedule no longer works, ie. I can only switch the boiler on manually using the netatmo desktop device/temperature indicator. I tr...

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