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by Torque73
02 Dec 2019, 14:36
Forum: General questions
Topic: Losing connection Weather Station
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Losing connection Weather Station

Hello, I have a Weather Station with inside and outside modules. Time to time I lose the connection between inside and outside modules when they are very close (max. 10 meters). Also when I change the batteries it takes long time to be detected by the inside. I have it since only 3 months, I don't k...
by Torque73
02 Dec 2019, 14:30
Forum: General questions
Topic: Rain Gauge Holder
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Rain Gauge Holder

Hello, good morning,

I'm new in the fórum. I have a Weather Station and tomorrow I Will receive Rain Gauge. I was checking Netatmo Holder and it's very expensive (25 Euros). Can you recomend a cheap Holder?

Thks n brgds

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