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by siobhanellis
25 Jul 2020, 23:07
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Speaker as well as microphone in camera
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Speaker as well as microphone in camera

Particularly useful on the indoor camera.

use case.

One person in couple is in the garage, the other is in the kitchen.

Dinner is ready. Just use speaker and microphone to have a conversation instead of shouting around the house.

I can do this with Dlink Omna today.
by siobhanellis
30 Jun 2020, 23:13
Forum: General questions
Topic: HomeKit Secure Video ?
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Re: HomeKit Secure Video ?

Hi, especially @jofre_netatmo,

I see HSV is in the UI for the app, and it gives instruction son how to set it up, but then you can't do it with the Outdoor camera as the "Streaming & recording" section isn't there.

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