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by distiller
01 Feb 2016, 13:18
Forum: General questions
Topic: Anemometer Update!
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Re: Anemometer Update!

Could you please update my Wind gauge?


by distiller
03 Nov 2015, 15:38
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Apple Watch support
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Re: Apple Watch support

by distiller
03 Nov 2015, 15:33
Forum: Weather Station Web Application
Topic: Station Guests
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Station Guests


It would be great if i can give a guest permissions to view onliy my outside values and not my inside values.
Is there a possibility to do this?

by distiller
08 Jun 2015, 14:24
Forum: General questions
Topic: Rain gauge
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Rain gauge


I have a new rain gauge and would like to place it in my garden.
How does the rain gauge communicates with the main unit? Is it over wifi or over a radio frequency?


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