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by Nigbo
29 Oct 2015, 01:06
Forum: General questions
Topic: Anemometer Update!
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Re: Anemometer Update!

Confirmation by Amazon Germany: my order will be delivered on November 6th! Great!!!
by Nigbo
23 Aug 2015, 18:42
Forum: General questions
Topic: Face detection not working
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Face detection not working

A new Welcome: the first person was recognized and face detection took place. The second person in the house never got attention of the welcome after 3 or 4 days.
What can we do to get more attention?
by Nigbo
23 Aug 2015, 18:30
Forum: General questions
Topic: Firmware upgrade
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Firmware upgrade

Update process information: Newest firmware is automatically installed at first installation of Welcome. For already installed cameras, the newest firmware is automatically pushed gradually for all the cameras. I first installed the camera on August18th - it still had firmware 31. It is not changin...
by Nigbo
28 Mar 2015, 10:00
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Android/iOS/Windows Phone applications
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Rain Display with monthly values?

Feature request for Displayinhalt Rain values: it would be great, if beside 30minutes, one hour, 6 hours, daily and weekly values there would be the monthly value by pinching one more time.

Or is this feature available with more than one years of data?
by Nigbo
29 Jun 2014, 01:33
Forum: Setting up my Weather Station
Topic: Several Rain Gauge problems
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Re: Several Rain Gauge problems

There was no problem with the rain gauge. Sufficient information, excellent product. Some people really try to find reasons to nag. These are the persons in a restaurant, where the waiter usually asks: "Is there anything right"
by Nigbo
04 Jun 2014, 00:14
Forum: Setting up my Weather Station
Topic: Attaching the rain gauge
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Re: Attaching the rain gauge

I found a great way to fix it on the rails on top of the roof. Cullmann Superklemme
by Nigbo
06 Jan 2014, 15:19
Forum: General questions
Topic: Heating Degree Day in Netatmo
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Heating Degree Day in Netatmo

Heating Degree Days HDD is an international measuring of energy necessary to heat a given building depending on the outside temperature. A great feature would be in Netatmo, if this could be shown as a curve or list derived from existing datas. Details about HDD
by Nigbo
18 Dec 2013, 23:22
Forum: General questions
Topic: rain sensor
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Re: rain sensor

On the German Facebook page of netatmo they told me: it will come in February. So, not this year.
Netatmo DE. Da wir leider etwas in Verzug sind, wird es den Regenmesser gegen Februar 2014 geben.
16. Dezember um 10:28 ·
by Nigbo
28 Jul 2013, 11:02
Forum: General questions
Topic: What about the surprice announced on Facebook?
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Re: What about the surprice announced on Facebook?

Gabberkopf wrote:surprice
You want a surprice (Mehrpreis)? better a surprise (Überraschung)!

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