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by tslagle13
08 May 2014, 16:16
Forum: Netatmo API
Topic: Help with PHP Script!
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Help with PHP Script!

Hey all, I've had a PHP script running for quite some time and it stopped working recently. Well not fully, but it has stopped reporting the correct tempurature. It only reports 32 degrees for the temprature now. Without fail the tempurate will be 32 degrees when i convert it to farenheight. Not sur...
by tslagle13
18 Jan 2013, 16:53
Forum: Weather Station Android Application
Topic: App APK Uploaded to forum?
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App APK Uploaded to forum?

Hi all, I have a Droid DNA that i just purchased. I did have an iPhone but wanted to get rid of it. The app is incompatible with my phone for some reason. It's a high end phone with a quad core processor and a 1080p screen. To be honest a part of my decision to buy the more expensive phone was to en...
by tslagle13
26 Dec 2012, 22:27
Forum: My Weather Station data
Topic: Uploading data to to weather site such as wunderground
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Re: Uploading data to to weather site such as wunderground

So i am not much of a scripter. Could someone explain to me what values i need to put into the script above to get the data to pull from my station?

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