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by marco.raimondi
09 Jul 2017, 09:29
Forum: General questions
Topic: Firmware 142 and motion detection
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Firmware 142 and motion detection

Hi, with new firmware 142 I receive notification of movement even if no-one is at home.
I think that the issue is related to day-night mode switch (when Infrared mode is activated I receive notifications)
Can you please help me or fix this?

by marco.raimondi
18 Jan 2016, 14:13
Forum: General questions
Topic: netatmo Thermostat - SmartThings integration
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netatmo Thermostat - SmartThings integration

I would like to know if Smartthings integration is planned fot thermostat.

by marco.raimondi
31 Dec 2015, 18:56
Forum: General questions
Topic: Firmware Netatmo Welcome,
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Re: Firmware Netatmo Welcome,

skinch wrote:Any update on the firmware updates with "lot of improvements" Brieuc talked about ... 3 month ago ?
Yes... any news about any new feature and update?
by marco.raimondi
31 Dec 2015, 18:52
Forum: IFTTT
Topic: Welcome IFTTT Channel Preview
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Re: Welcome IFTTT Channel Preview

Hubi wrote:Working good so far...
if it is possible, it would be nice to have the condition "nobody at home anymore" to put the Netatmo Thermostat in Away Mode for example.
Uhhh pease Add This! Should be fantastic! :D :D :D
by marco.raimondi
31 Dec 2015, 18:50
Forum: Home automation
Topic: Netatmo products and SmartThings
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Netatmo products and SmartThings

Hello, could you please integrate Netatmo (thermostat, wheather station, welcome) in Samsung SmartThings platform?

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