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by xoda
27 Feb 2017, 05:58
Forum: General questions
Topic: Welcome camera disconnecting/reconnecting
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Welcome camera disconnecting/reconnecting

Im away from home, and the Netatmo Welcome camera has been working well for the past few months. However, in the last two weeks or so, I keep getting these disconnected/connected messages on the Netatmo app. Many times a day, it'd tell me the camera's disconnected, and then 3-5 min later, tell me it...
by xoda
17 Jan 2016, 10:27
Forum: General questions
Topic: white shapes keep appearing on camera
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white shapes keep appearing on camera

I've noticed something very strange appearing on my Netatmo Welcome camera. I'm away from home, and all the blinds are drawn (which means there shouldn't be any reflection). But these white shapes keep appearing on the video, and I get a "motion detected" alert every time. What are they? Is the came...

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