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by voitec
02 Nov 2016, 20:30
Forum: General questions
Topic: netatmo thermostat and internet problems
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netatmo thermostat and internet problems

Hello, I would like to ask how is netatmo thermostat doing with internet problems. As well as with Netatmo's network problem (lastly there were some issues) and as with my network problems (my isp). So if i set few temperatures for specific hours and what happens on both situations? Is it heating st...
by voitec
17 Jan 2016, 13:13
Forum: General questions
Topic: Firmware upgrade
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Re: Firmware upgrade

Brieuc_Netatmo wrote:Hello,
Please share the serial number of your Thermostat if you wish that I force the update.
Can You please force update on Thermostat S/N: j044d0a and Relay S/N: g065344?
Thank You in advance :)

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