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by jakub1978
19 Jan 2018, 14:10
Forum: General questions
Topic: Open Window detection
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Re: Open Window detection

Hi, I just bought it and it was a big disappointment that this marketed feature is not available. This is false advertisement. Kindly tell me when it will be available otherwise I will return it immediately. Thx Jakub
by jakub1978
03 Dec 2016, 06:53
Forum: General questions
Topic: Need to replace batteries every 2-3 weeks...Help!
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Re: Need to replace batteries every 2-3 weeks...Help!

Hi, me happened the same I returned to my reseller in warranty period and got the new one. Unfortunately this new one has some other issue with very often disconnecting from Netatmo servers. I am getting disappointed :?
by jakub1978
06 Sep 2016, 06:57
Forum: General questions
Topic: Thermostat batteries
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Re: Thermostat batteries

Hi, the same starts happen to me for one of my thermostat. What was the solution / recommendation to do? Thanks

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