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by SofaSnake
30 Oct 2017, 22:39
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Topic: Whithout notifications
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Re: Whithout notifications

No notification works whatsoever on my brand new out of box camera. Can you push 104 to hopefully fix things please MAC 70:ee:50:26:we:a8 thank you kindly
by SofaSnake
29 Oct 2016, 17:58
Forum: General questions
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did you figuire this out? it is dissapointing that you posted this over a year ago and there is no response. I hope you fixed your issues
by SofaSnake
29 Oct 2016, 17:57
Forum: General questions
Topic: Welcome installation fails
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Re: Welcome installation fails

Have you had any luck yet?

Mine displays Green then flashes green once then goes red.
following the setup again the led stays red

Ive also tried connecting to PC and it flashes blue but the software cannot connect.

think its foing to have to go back! :(

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