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by jueti
03 Jan 2017, 20:35
Forum: General questions
Topic: Automatic re-connect Wifi
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Re: Automatic re-connect Wifi

Why you shut down your wifi so that you will loose observation by Presence? I would suggest to keep wifi all the time on so that your Presence can work. Then give fix IP adresses to your kids devices and place a lock time only on these IP adresses when you think it is necessary. Then all your other ...
by jueti
31 Dec 2016, 15:47
Forum: General questions
Topic: Setting up Welcome camera in front of a window ?
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Setting up Welcome camera in front of a window ?

Hi folks, I want to use a Welcome camera to monitor the garden and terrace from my livingroom. It would be set up on a lowboard of approx 50cm height and about little more than 1 meter away from the window. from this position the camera has a good overview on what it shall monitor while we are not a...
by jueti
29 Dec 2016, 22:21
Forum: General questions
Topic: Alert zone shapes other than box?
Replies: 11
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Re: Alert zone shapes other than box?

+1 on the request for a polygonal definition of alert zones as an alternative to the square box.
by jueti
29 Dec 2016, 22:17
Forum: General questions
Topic: Face recogition from Welcome to Presence
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Re: Face recogition from Welcome to Presence

Full support on this request from my side as well.
by jueti
29 Dec 2016, 22:14
Forum: General questions
Topic: Video Quality
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Re: Video Quality

The given video quality by the cameras we have purchased is no way close to what is shown on the Netatmo website nor promised in their marketing speech. Whatever the technical reason for it, it is not our problem. Given law clearly states that a company's statements on product features can vary by i...
by jueti
29 Dec 2016, 22:07
Forum: General questions
Topic: Not Suitable for Live Monitor
Replies: 21
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Re: Not Suitable for Live Monitor

Hey, is there any thread covering the accumulation of users disappointing feedback to make this a bugfix lost for Netatmo engineers ? @NETATMO admins May I suggest to have this list of work-in-progress bug fixes with priorities and status info being published and pinned to the forums main page ? @ A...
by jueti
29 Dec 2016, 22:00
Forum: General questions
Topic: [Feature request] Chromecast support
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Re: [Feature request] Chromecast support

Ever thought about Chromecast may distribute your private cam videos to outside servers located in US ... ?
by jueti
29 Dec 2016, 21:59
Forum: General questions
Topic: Neatmo presence tags support
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Re: Neatmo presence tags support

Let us join questions and activities here in the other parallel, more active thread pls.

(sorry, I am not allowed to post links, even not from within this forum ...
by jueti
29 Dec 2016, 21:57
Forum: General questions
Topic: Tags for Presence
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Re: Tags for Presence

Yes, I would like to see Tags being able to connect and work together with PRESENCE as well. OTOH, what I could read so far from user reactions at the current Tags for Welcome are not really working well and amazon has suspended delivery to customers. So maybe better to wait for PRESENCE t...

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