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by Roland_RS4
04 Apr 2018, 17:06
Forum: General questions
Topic: Valve temperature stuck
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Re: Valve temperature stuck

I have the same issue with one of my radiator valves. After opening a window the temperature went down. Then the window was closed and the temperature went slowly up, but is now never reaching the set up temperature. Its heating non stop! I think i have the latest firmware installed, but like this y...
by Roland_RS4
19 Dec 2017, 09:40
Forum: General questions
Topic: Loosing connection to outdoor module
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Re: Loosing connection to outdoor module

@OdiwaN Hi, you mean you had outside temperature under -10 degrees and you had to exchange the outside module? We have today -11. I changed the batteries yesterday and now i have the problem that i'm missing lots of measurements. Sometimes i only have one measurement in an hour. Its showing the batt...
by Roland_RS4
06 Jun 2017, 22:17
Forum: General questions
Topic: FAQ: All you need to know about firmware upgrades
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Re: FAQ: All you need to know about firmware upgrades

Could you please update my station:

MAC: 70:ee:50:13:87:b0


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