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by Sdke
29 Dec 2017, 13:17
Forum: General questions
Topic: [CLOSED] Firmware 119
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[CLOSED] Firmware 119

Seems there is a new firmware!
by Sdke
18 Dec 2017, 20:40
Forum: General questions
Topic: "Camera dis/connect" alerts not obeying quiet times
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Re: "Camera dis/connect" alerts not obeying quiet times

Hello, my Presence disconnects and reconnects all through the day and night and it's really annoying. Is there any way I can stop it from disconnecting?! :cry: 70:ee:50:26:f7:54 Firmware 101 I'm having the same problem.. It only happens every now and then. (maybe twice every month). I mailed suppor...
by Sdke
15 Nov 2017, 11:53
Forum: General questions
Topic: Major problems with the Presence
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Major problems with the Presence

The last two days I'm having a lot of issues with the Presence.. -losing the wifi connection every hour for 6 to 20minutes. Wifi connection is fine, because all my other devices don't suffer. The Presence is in range of the wifi (full connection) -if the wifi works, i'm getting the messages with a l...
by Sdke
06 Aug 2017, 13:52
Forum: General questions
Topic: Whithout notifications
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Re: Whithout notifications

oh.. i have the same issue..
by Sdke
12 Jul 2017, 17:17
Forum: General questions
Topic: Android App - new notification sound
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Re: Android App - new notification sound

Oh god yes. I hate it so much.. Please give us the option to choose the sound or still get the notification but without sound. Edit: you can disable it through android (7.1 i have). Settings > Apps > Security app(the netatmo app) > Notifications. Change it to Level 3 You still get the notification, ...
by Sdke
11 Jul 2017, 17:02
Forum: General questions
Topic: No detection of cars anymore with firmware 101
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Re: No detection of cars anymore with firmware 101

I also had some problems. Restarting it solved the issue (I have the luck that the Presence has it own switch in my circuit system box).
by Sdke
04 Jul 2017, 16:17
Forum: General questions
Topic: Presence App update suggestions.
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Re: Presence App update suggestions.

Option to give a date setup for the notify settings..
by Sdke
03 Jul 2017, 09:17
Forum: General questions
Topic: Next Firmware update?
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Re: Next Firmware update?

My firmware of my presence is on 101. New update?

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