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by gulivert
07 Aug 2018, 08:40
Forum: Weather Station Web Application
Topic: World weathermap
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Re: World weathermap

Hi, Hi think when you said "filtered" you mean your weather station is not on the World Map ? If this is the case, you have an option to activate or not the contributing to the Weathermap. From iOS app go to the application settings -> then choose your station. From there go straight down at the end...
by gulivert
20 Apr 2018, 10:10
Forum: Netatmo API
Topic: Auth2: access_token and refresh_token expiration time
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Auth2: access_token and refresh_token expiration time

Hi there, It seems that the validation time of access_token return by API is not equal to expire_in. Expire_in says 10800, means 3h, then if I understand correctly my access_token should work the next three hours and after should return an access denied, from there I should use refresh_token to get ...

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