Rain gauge connected, but no data!

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Rain gauge connected, but no data!

Post by svesjo » 14 Apr 2019, 21:05

My rain gauge worked well in the beginning, but no more. It is connected, and the control panel shows good battery condition and radio connection (100% both).
But it does not register rain! If I pour water into it, I han hear the tipping bucket working. But no rain registered.
If I take it indoors, open it and move the bucket myself, it sometomes get registered, sometimes not. Outdoors, never.

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Re: Rain gauge connected, but no data!

Post by Chiara_Netatmo » 15 Apr 2019, 11:53


Please submit a support request via our help center (https://www.netatmo.com/helpcenter), we will then be able to investigate about this issue.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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