Anemometer stops sending data periodically

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Re: Anemometer stops sending data periodically

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jacobhogh wrote: 22 Apr 2021, 16:11 Hi,

Yes it seems as it corresponds. When temperature rises it happens

That's interesting - my biggest outage was overnight - it wasn't that cold, it hadn't been that hot. It was interestingly windy which is why it was especially annoying. The wind that night killed our shed roof!
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Re: Anemometer stops sending data periodically

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The issue that I described earlier on looks more related to the fact that the Anemometer is in a kind of non-responsive mode, which of course also impacts sending data to Netatmo on those 3-hour intervals.

Currently my Anemometer is responding fine in the app, showing up to date info, but it apparently cannot or doesn’t send the data to Netatmo for the historical overviews. So same behavior as also shared by Jacob via the screenshots.
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Re: Anemometer stops sending data periodically

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After discussion with support, I have had the old Anemometer replaced with a brand new version and it is now working perfectly!

An interesting note is that the new module ships with Duracell batteries and not the crap NX-Power alkaline batterries the old wind gauge had. I also had an extra indoor module that were shipped with these NX-Power batteries and they leaked (!!) after a few weeks causing the module to fail… I had that replaced under warranty too.

Re Anemometer: It was wierd as the data would stop being sent from 8.45am until 5 or 6pm that same day. Now fixed with the new module installed.

Suggest those with same issue get your modules replaced under warranty.

Good luck
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