Rain & Outdoor Temperature Modules Failing

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Rain & Outdoor Temperature Modules Failing

Post by judges4 » 09 Jun 2018, 16:48

Not long after we got the rain gauge, it failed to connect or send data to the station. We set it up over and over again and repeatedly changed batteries, but it never worked. Then the outdoor temperature module stopped connecting. Batteries were changed and set up was repeated to no avail. Recently the station itself stopped working, but, thankfully, setting it up again seemed to work--for now.

We're disappointed in the failures. We wanted to get a wind gauge, but that's not something we can risk with all of these failures.

Any ideas?

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Re: Rain & Outdoor Temperature Modules Failing

Post by PaulOnWetter » 05 Sep 2018, 11:55

I think the wind gauge will not satisfy your demands up to date, because of false data.
Its now 05.09.2018 and I try to find out to compare real data at the same position of:
- an "old WMR 928 mechanical" wind gauge.
- a new Netatmo wind gauge.
Values are completely different (see: / ) in wind force and gusts!
Force: 0 / + 6 kts
Gust: 0 / +12 kts
Netatmo wind gauge seems to measure even
- "no wind at all" as a
- "flow of air from somewhere".
I wrote a report to NetAtmo and are waiting for a reply.

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