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station loose connection

Posted: 28 Jun 2019, 09:10
by maxosh

I have my station now for several years and from time to time it looses connection. Then I have to plug it off and on again. After this it works fine for the next several months. But its annoying, because its in a summer cottage where I'm only be once in weeks, so that I don't have any live data for weeks when I'm away. Can you figure out what it could be?


Re: station loose connection

Posted: 14 Jul 2019, 18:14
by pcsttourn
Hi ! Same here, the base station hangs every month. I have replaced the power supply, but the problem is still present. Firmware up-to-date (140).

Re: station loose connection

Posted: 22 Oct 2019, 05:56
by dbarea
Same problem for me. Once every a 7-10 days it happens.

Re: station loose connection

Posted: 22 Oct 2019, 10:41
by maxhx
Sane for me! In the last 2 days over 20 disconnections

Re: station loose connection

Posted: 04 Nov 2019, 21:42
by sambol
I had the same problem, it took a long time to resolve it. In the end, I'm not sure what exactly the problem was, but I made these changes on my AP:

- decreased beacon interval to 50 ms
- set minimum unicast rate to 1 Mbps (was 12 Mbps, because of g/n only mode)
- enabled TKIP (was disabled by default)
- disabled short guard interval.

Every change made the situation better, but the problem came back after a while. Last change was disabling short guard interval; after that, I had no patience to investigate if that was the solution to the problem, but connection was stable.

New software (v162) makes Wi-Fi connection persistent (no more reconnection every 10 minutes), so I don't expect that there will be a problem with the connection like before.