Rain Gauge battery drain

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Rain Gauge battery drain

Post by borutju76 » 29 Nov 2019, 06:01


I changed batteries (after more than one year) in my rain gauge and batteries was empty after just two days.
I tried again with new set of batteries and they were empty again after two days.
Now, I have third set of batteries in gauge and after one day, they are half way empty again.
What can I do. Is my rain gauge fault?
Batteries were new and ok.

Rain Gauge is on firmware 8 (new one is 11 i think).

Main module is V3 and is on firmware 134.
(can you force upgrade to 162 please? MAC is 70:ee:50:27:2f:4a )


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Re: Rain Gauge battery drain

Post by kozmix » 02 Dec 2019, 16:03

You may want to try to open the app, go to Settings and then "Add/Remove Module". It'll ask you to push the button on the main module until it turns blue. When I did this the app immediately said that new firmware was available and could be installed. By next day, the other modules were updated as well. At least this'll get you on the latest firmware.
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