CO2 values and incorrect behavior

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CO2 values and incorrect behavior

Post by gallaxya » 19 Dec 2019, 10:41

Hi All!

Starting with yesterday evening the station is behaving weird (it's a v3 version):
At around 21.28 (18.12.2019) I received 3 push notifications mentioning high to very high CO2 values, all of a sudden peaking in the app itself at the value 5000!!! Also the Apple home app mentioned high CO2 values.
After this, the value dropped immediately to 0 and hadn't changed until around 7 the next morning. However the change itself is not correct as the expectation is of a higher value due to normal activities.

Around inspecting the charts it seems that there was a big gap with 0 CO2 values starting from around 7:40 on the 18th of Dec and ending at around the same time the next day.

Any thoughts on this "unnatural" behavior?


Tommaso Florino
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Re: CO2 values and incorrect behavior

Post by Tommaso Florino » 19 Dec 2019, 21:43

my station started to do the same recently. I assume it is a software bug

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Re: CO2 values and incorrect behavior

Post by Bergomi » 23 Dec 2019, 22:50

My also ... The problems started when I updated to the latest firmware. Just my two additional indoor module have the problem, not the main module. Suddenly one of them shows 5000 ppm and the other one normal values. After calibration the first one shows normal values and the other one 5000 ppm!! I contacted the support and got the advise to change the batteries. After that and a new calibration the values ar correct. But something must be wrong. The batteries that I changed was not new but not empty either (around 75%) according to the battery status indicator. I also think we have a bug here......

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