Will change of email disrupt operation?

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Will change of email disrupt operation?

Post by nlmichaeldam » 30 Dec 2019, 12:05


I'm changing email address shortly. Will this disrupt the operation of either or both my Netatmo Thermostat or Wheather Station? I can't recall if these rely on a fixed userid which is independent of the email address.


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Re: Will change of email disrupt operation?

Post by Chiara_Netatmo » 30 Dec 2019, 17:59


We recommend changing the email address of the Netatmo account.
The email address of your Netatmo account can be changed by accessing the following menu:
- Mobile Apps: Settings / My account / Change my email address
- Web App (my.netatmo.com): My Account / Settings / Change my email address

Once the new address is entered twice, type the password and click the "Send" button to receive a confirmation email to the new address (check the spambox if the email is not received within a couple of minutes).
Open this email and click on the link to validate the change of email address.
Attention, you will not receive any e-mail from us, including when reseting your password, if the address entered during the creation of the account is invalid.
If the new email address is not verified after creating the account, you will not receive notification emails such as account activity, monthly savings reports, low battery alerts, etc.

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