Netatmo outdoor weather module ?

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Netatmo outdoor weather module ?

Post by SolomonSullivan » 16 Jan 2020, 16:30

Hi !

I'm new around here and new around. Looking into the Netatmo Wheater station. It looks very promising, except for the outdoor modul ? Look like there are negative reports around about it not hold up over time and weak connections for the batteries.

Is this the case of just people reporting the negative things , or are there people here with outdoors modules that have worked fine for years ?

I might be wrong, but it appear that todays hardware has been around for a few years ? Any rumours about new and improved hardware anytime soon ? Netatmo might make it more robust over the years.whatsapp web routerlogin

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Re: Netatmo outdoor weather module ?

Post by Ekristoffe » 15 Apr 2020, 13:15

I have mine since years (I think maybe 6 to 7 ?) and yes I have problem with the outdoor module since 2 year ago.
Since I am handy, I repaired it myself.
I can update you on how the repair is doing but it may need time.

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