Rain Calibration question

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Rain Calibration question

Post by Devabhai » 13 Feb 2020, 18:41

I tried to calibrate my rain gauge. Did 3 passes of 100ml of liquid each time.

First pass was too fast as I heard few double clicks and I got 69
Second pass I went slower and got 63
3rd pass I did very slow, made sure to only get single clicks and got 66snaptube.cam/ syncnet.onl/telegram-web/ 9apps

So my value is 100/66 = 1.51ml offset. Does that sound correct?

I read one old thread from 2014 that suggested to pour 200ml of liquid and adjust the offset to read 16.3mm but I wasn't able to match 16.3mm as offset topped out at 3ml and it only gave me 7.9mm.

Do my calculations sound correct?

thank you

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Re: Rain Calibration question

Post by Chiara_Netatmo » 26 Feb 2020, 14:42


For the calibration of the Rain gauge you need to use 100 ml of water.
Please check this article to know more https://helpcenter.netatmo.com/en-us/sm ... ain-sensor

Thank you

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