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Integration with Rachio PWSweather or WU

Posted: 25 Mar 2020, 22:52
by stevenemorrow
Hey all,

I've purchased my weather station a few months ago and have a rain guage to go up when snow stops in northern Canada. I was to integrate with my Rachio Gen 2 controller which is why I purchased. I have followed the provided information but have issues:
- setup meteoware account; provided access through Netatmo app; no data (inactive) however
- setup account linked to Netatmo; no data from weather station
- tried WU; no data

It has been 48 hours and still stays old data and inactive and unable to find on PWS map.

Re: Integration with Rachio PWSweather or WU

Posted: 28 Mar 2020, 18:50
by lancemoreland
It looks like they are working now. Did you use the new connection offered by WU for the Netatmo? I wasn't able to make that work.