New Hardware Revision V4?

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New Hardware Revision V4?

Post by iChuy_Higueras »

In the firmware changelog section, version 177 refers to a new hardware version 4 of the station. Someone could explain if this is true or if it is a mistake, since recently they sent me a new station and it is a hardware version 3. I would be very unhappy if there is a new version with improvements
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Re: New Hardware Revision V4?

Post by mhaga »

Hmm, this is interesting!
I bought a new station from Netatmo shop in the beginning of November 2019.
This was to be able to connect it to HomeKit and be able to automate my home a little. I bought it as an upgrade for my existing V2.
It would be nice to know when the V4 was introduced and was available on the market? Month and year. Does anybody know?
Also, does anybody have a release note on it? What is the difference from V3 to V4?

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Re: New Hardware Revision V4?

Post by Ekristoffe »

Hello all, i am still with the v2 but maybe the v4 is still a prototype only for some selected people (company members) ?
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Re: New Hardware Revision V4?

Post by Austinforest »

Yes could you let us know?
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Re: New Hardware Revision V4?

Post by GEORGzer »

I was informed that there were changes in the supply chain and therefore that batch is labeled V4 from now on.
But the V4 and V3 are both similar in specs.
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