Netatmo Weather Map

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Netatmo Weather Map

Post by biondi »

What I'd like to be able to do is identify all the stations on that map that have a rain gauge installed. The only way to do it at the moment seems to be to click into each one.

It would be useful to see if there are any stations nearby with one so as to compare data.


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Re: Netatmo Weather Map

Post by feubleu »

Hi Matt,

It's a very good idea, I had to do a lot of click to find one other than mine in Switzerland.
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Re: Netatmo Weather Map

Post by topsurfer »

I also support this request.

BTW: After release of the rain gauge I had expected that the developers use their own tools (like webpage) and see that the vissibility of stations with rain gauges will be very usefull ....
And shure to integrate this feature is only a small hack in the database / query ....
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Re: Netatmo Weather Map

Post by Saegis »

I would suggest to be able to switch the map from Temperaturen to Rain Display within the options.
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Re: Netatmo Weather Map

Post by smarti »

Yes i want it too
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Re: Netatmo Weather Map

Post by sfkeller »

Can't the display if rain gauges be implemented by the public API?
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