What is wrong with the aneometer?

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What is wrong with the aneometer?

Post by elraj » 20 Dec 2015, 14:48

26th of November: My anemometer died. I climbed up on the roof, picked it down and re-connected it to main module. Voila! it worked again.

18th of December: New failure. This time it didn't die but instead started reporting insane wind values with gusts between 100 and 160 km/h in almost calm weather. Due to the extremly unseasonable warm weather and still no snow on my roof, I was able to climb up and take it down again today after it was reporting fake hurricane winds for two days. I placed it on my office desk and it still reported gusts between 30-50 km/h from various directions. It clearly lived its own life. Unbeliveable! Once more I re-connected and now it is working flawlessly again.

The common thing here is that this, on both occasions, happened the day after sudden change from cold weather with temperatures well below 0C to much warmer conditions.

I first took for granted that it had something to do with the weatherproofing. But if that is the case, why does re-connecting help? No logic in that. One second it was reporting 50 km/h gust when inside on my desk, 30 seconds later (after re-connecting) it reported calm conditions.

I guess this points towards a software issue. For all I know it is the main module it is something wrong with. And yes, I am on the latest firmware versions.

Anyone else experiencing anything similar? In the beginning lots of people were reporting completely dead anemometeres without the possibility to re-connect. That is not my case.

PS: Due to normally cold conditions here during winter, I use Lithium batteries on all my devices. It was claimed by someone in this forum that Lithiums are poorer than Alkalines in cold weather, but that is certainly not correct; it is the opposite. Anyway, to exclude batteries as a very unlikely reason for the failures, I replaced them with Alkalines upon reconnecting.

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Re: What is wrong with the aneometer?

Post by Vindis » 23 Dec 2015, 10:57

I have had a similar problem, which happened after a storm and not a temperature fall - see item:


After having reset the gauge the measurements are too low. I will make a new reset - if it is not working the gauge will be returned to the reseller.


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