Can't detect rain gauge?

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Can't detect rain gauge?

Post by tamasine »


Having purchased a Netatmo weather station for Christmas, I was really disappointed that the outdoor module gave up within a month - the seemingly well known problem of never managing to get it to flash green when new batteries are inserted (all the help is for once the unit has flashed). Again, seemingly well known, despite contacting Netatmo for support, I never received a reply to my email. Fortunately Amazon were great about replacing the indoor / outdoor module.

The (new) indoor / outdoor module now both work, but now the main module won't detect my rain gauge. Is there something I need to do to "reset" the rain gauge so that it isn't linked to the old unit we had? This was still working fine when the original outdoor unit stopped working.

This is such a great piece of kit, but Netatmo's support is falling way short of what I'd expect for its cost. I'd rather not have to beg on Amazon's goodwill again if I don't have to!

Many thanks in advance for any ideas / suggestions.
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Re: Can't detect rain gauge?

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Mine gave up too and now won't retain its connection to the base station for more than a few hours. I have received two emails from support who have suggested that there may be a problem with my router. I went through those suggestions but none apply. Anyway, I have an indoor and outdoor module connected to the base station without a problem and these are positioned at a further distance than the rain gauge from the base station. I've requested a replacement.
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Re: Can't detect rain gauge?

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For what it's worth, I was unable to pair the rain gauge with my base until I plugged the base in to my computer via USB. I had no issues with the outdoor sensor or rain gauge talking wirelessly to the base.
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