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Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 20 Oct 2016, 17:56
by elprebse
Hi guys,

I am asking myself this question more often.
What is your opinion?

My OWN observations:

Indoor module:
Works good, but it is also on USB power and not exposed to weather.

Additional indoor module:
Works good, but is not exposed to weather.

Outdoor module:
Eats battery like crazy. Even after repair the problem returns in a few weeks.

Rain gauge:
Seems to work ok. Several people have reported problems, but that's not my own observations.
My 2 units are starting to eat battery.

Wind gauge:
Seemed to work well. Batteries died quite suddenly. Full of water when opened. Severely corroded.

Email support:
Are there any humans behind that mail box?

Is Netatmo Weatherstation capable of outdoor usage without breaking down?

Has Netatmo had too much focus on design rather than functionality (a wind gauge isn't rocket science - water ressistance isn't rocket science. What took you so long besides desire to do it differently?)?

Is Netatmo a well designed product, which is very poorly manufactured?

Is it worth the price or is it closer to a scam?

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 23 Oct 2016, 18:42
by Wooze
My opinion and my experience is nearly completly different:
I own and use the weatherstation since April 2013. And I changed the batteries of the outdoor module only once since then!
The additional indoor module is in use since October 2014. The batteries are still the first set. But the battery status is red now. So i will have to change them soon - after two years of uninterrupted use.
The rain gauge is in use since May 2014. It's batteries I hade to chance once. The rain gauge is not in use from December to March because of the danger of icing.

So I think the pricing of the modules is not in cheap region, but it's worth it.

@elprebse: How good is the wireless connection of your modules (mine is quite good)? I think a bad wireless connection probably may cause a poor battery life.
And what type of batteries do you use? Using of no name or non-alkaline-batteries may cause the same scenario in my opinion.

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 23 Oct 2016, 20:15
by elprebse
@Wooze Wireless is 3/5 sometimes 4/5. I am using Panasonic Eneloop rechargables now. Will swap to Fujitsu black recharables next time they run out.
My feeling is that this is a weather exposure issue rather than a signal issue.

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 09:00
by Torquetube
I'm reading this topic with interest, I have been considering buying a Netatmo weather station with rain and wind sensors but some of the posts on this forum concern me a lot. The main things that do concern me are an outdoor unit that isn't waterproof, the fact that the outdoor unit starts eating batteries, and not to mention the wind sensor being unreliable and again leaks water. Not sure if I'm making my own mind up typing this, please tell me it's not that bad :lol:

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 09:22
by elprebse
For me there are 2 main issues, which Netatmo doesn't really seem willing or able to fix:

1. Outdoor module battery consumption

They are clearly aware of the problem (longest thread in this official forum), but if they can avoid replacing if out of warranty, they choose to do so. That is poor customer service.
Also, they seem to ignore the first couple of contact attempts (search forum) - you have to be very insisting in order to get their attention.
They'll point you to a reseller, if purchased via this route, eventhough it makes no difference to Netatmo as a manufacturer. This only gives delay and risc that the reseller replaces with yet another bad module.
To me the sum of above is much worse than a bad product. It shows an organization either in financial/logistical trouble or simply out of balance.

2. Wind gauge water resistance

I fail to see why the wind gauge is designed as it is. The delay after presentation indicates some major problems with the product.
What is wrong with the "mill type" wing gauge? It is water proof and more accurate.

I have contacted Netatmo last week, claiming my wind gauge full of water.
Product was purchased from their online shop using same email as in my claim.

First response: We need your order number and/or email address
- I sent this to them
Second response: We need pictures of the damage
- Why? They don't understand "water in battery compartment"? They do not trust me? They never heard about it before? They cannot wait to investigate further until brought in? Or more likely: Let's buy some time and see if he backs off...

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 13:35
by Torquetube
I'm seriously starting to re consider buying one now, I know there are probably hundreds of users that have suffered no problems at all but it seems to be down to luck if you have issues or not.

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 13:50
by elprebse
I have a total of 9 individual units/modules on 2 locations.
Some purchased on eBay and some directly from Netatmo.
I suffer problems with 4 units.
2 units have been sent to France for repair, but have been returned to me with only little improvement on battery consumption.
2 units are not water proof, but requires installation on a pole in open air.

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 18:42
by Torquetube
I'm really not sure if I want to risk £129 on a product that "might" work for a while then stop working, I think not having an outdoor unit that is 100% waterproof is a massive design flaw.

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 22:15
by durrantie
Ive had my Netatmo weather station since 2013 & have had all the additional units, the only thing I have any problems with is the wind gauge, I've had 3 of them and they all failed. Im waiting for a design change on that.

Re: Is Netatmo generally a very bad product?

Posted: 25 Oct 2016, 10:24
by wokkeltje
not only their support is bad, also their product is rubbish.

They transfert the data to Wunderground if you want this and for Netatmo a margin of 25% is not a big problem.
Netatmo tells 12,5l of rain, on Wunderground you see 10l.
For Netatmo is 25% difference small, this tells a lot how they have an eye for detail.

According to me the only reason you have a device is to know the readings, the data.