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Re: Additional modules

Post by lmartinb » 03 Mar 2013, 15:56

I am about to buy a Netatmo... but I would like to be sure there will be additional sensors available and compatible with the current Netatmo. Or should I wait for the next version ?

I would love to be able to add more modules (and features).
Here are my own requirements:
- it would be nice to be able to (re-)use Oregon Scientific sensors
- I want to monitor temperature, humidity in several rooms of my flat (as I already do today with my Oregon Scientific weather station). It helps calibrating my heating system.
- same for the CO2, but I am not sure it would be useful (is it really different from one room to the other ?)
- maybe also the same for the noise level in other rooms
- safety sensors would be of interest for me such as CO monitoring and also fire detection sensors
- power plug consumption sensors to monitor the consumption of a power plug over time
- indoor/outdoor plant sensors (such as upcoming Parrot's one : )
- outdoor additional sensors : pluviometer, anemometer, sun UV index
- pollen monitoring & forecasting

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Re: Additional modules

Post by remd » 03 Mar 2013, 18:01

I'm also interested by an additional indoor module. Any eta on when it will be available - we are already in "early 2013" :)

Also some additional sensors, like for Pollens, would be very helpful !

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Re: Additional modules

Post by Paiper » 04 Mar 2013, 11:25

I think additional smoke and gas dedectors would be great. (if this is a wishlist! ;) )

Any additional indoor sensor would be great. I would like to monitor (esp. temperature) in more rooms at home.

best regards,

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Re: Additional modules

Post by shannon_o_cylliam » 04 Mar 2013, 13:59

Bonjour pour rester classique
un module pour la mesure du vent et de la pluie , je pense que cela completera bien l'ensemble
l'ecran de control etant qu'accesoire , (la tablette ou le telephone etant la pour cela )

je pense que la recuperation des données sur pc/mac genre tableau excel serais un plus

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Re: Additional modules

Post by fpotter » 09 Mar 2013, 22:19


la récupération de données sur PC / Mac est possible. Il suffit d'aller sur

merci !


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