Questions and problems regarding functionality

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Questions and problems regarding functionality

Post by Joe82 » 26 Nov 2012, 18:35

Hi guys,

I'm really happy with my new Netatmo station.
Despite that I have a couple of questions and problems regarding my Netatmo weatherstation:

1. my router has a sleep mode at night where the WLAN will be shut off. When it is switched on again the Netatmo station doesn't do a reconnect automatically. How can this be achieved?
Is this a bug? I have to unplug und replug the station so that the connection gets reestablished. Can the station do a reconnect automatically?

2. When WLAN is disabled I noticed that the weather data is stored in the station's memory except the CO2 and noise data. Can you confirm that this is the case? Because when I reconnect the station, all the stored/collected temperature and humid etc. data is transferred to the cloud
but not the CO2 and noise level data. Is this by design or a bug?

3. May the outer sensor get wet and if this is the case could it get broken? How sensitive is that station?

4. Does the outer station also have a memory where it stores the data? In my observations I found out that when the connection to the inner station is lost and then reestablished the history data of the outer station is lost also or was never stored at all. Can you confirm that?

5. How is the data to the Netatmo server transferred? Is it encrypted or via https? I haven't tried it out to capture the data stream to check it myself.

6. It seems that the inner station has bluetooth, at least in my iPhone I can see the battery status of that device and that it is connected via bluetooth. But the battery status is always empty. Does this feature already work and for what is bluetooth needed at all?

7. Does the inner station work with batteries?

8. How many data can be stored in the inner station? How long lasts the memory?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Re: Questions and problems regarding functionality

Post by fpotter » 26 Nov 2012, 22:04


1 & 2 are bugs. To avoid this bug, please go in your iphone / ipad menu, go to bluetooth, then click "weather station" then "forget this device". Long story short, this issue will vanish in the next firmware release of the station (65) to be deployed in less than 2 weeks.

3 : to have a decent humidity report, please do not let the outdoor sensor get wet. It may also damage the batteries. The outdoor sensor should be away from the rain...

4&8 : the outdoor sensor has no memory. The indoor sensor has roughly 3 weeks of memory for both the indoor & the outdoor sensor.

5 : data are transfered through a proprietary protocol on port 25050. No, it is not encrypted but it's not clear text either...

6 : related to 1 & 2...

7 : no, the indoor station firmware is not ready for batteries...

thanks for your enquiry !


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