Not Rain Resistant?

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Not Rain Resistant?

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I was surprised to find that the outdoor unit is not rain resistant. How sensitive is it to rain? I don't have any outdoor area that provides real rain protection. I've installed it an area that should deflect the worst of it, but I can't be sure it won't get wet.

(I was hoping to install a separate pair of sensors on my sailboat, but any place I could put the outdoor unit would be completely unprotected from rain.)
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Re: Not Rain Resistant?

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That would be interessant to know.

Also for me, I do not have any place with rain protection for the outdoor sensor.

Has this only impact to the humidity measurement or will this also impact the temperature measurement ? Will the outdoor sensor be broken if it will be used without rain protection ?

Actually, the measuremt of temperature will be work fine.
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Re: Not Rain Resistant?

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I placed my outdoor unit on the wall and whne the first rain came the humidity sensor gave up. Had to put it inside for almost a week before it start working again.
Now I have it placed on the same wall but on the second "floor" where my roof goes out over the wall and protects the unit.

I think its pretty week not to make the outdoor module rain resistance.
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Re: Not Rain Resistant?

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On my side i was forced to put scotch on the lower part (battery access) of the external module for it to work. I have outside between 80 and 95% humidity for weeks now.
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Re: Not Rain Resistant?

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We got our netatmo for Christmas and had a little overhang that helped protect our outdoor device. Then we go vinyl siding and there's no overhang - the device got wet, corroded and now we have an expensive piece of junk! Beware!
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Re: Not Rain Resistant?

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thaht relating to my previous post. Please Netatmo built a real outdoor module that can stay under the rain and cold !!!!!
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