auto rotate please netatmo

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auto rotate please netatmo

Post by folabix185 » 14 May 2020, 02:42


please provide a way to disable auto rotate, a simple button like with tablets, on smartphone too.. sometimes it's really annoying. i'm also trying to set up a wall mounted display with an old and cheap android phone but auto rotate kicks in from time to time and it's impossible. if you cannot use phone settings (i have auto rotate off) please at least give us a button.

i read other users are complaining about this, it would be really really easy to do this and have more happy costumers. i also wrote email to support few times over past months and all you say is we will take this in consideration, but none has been done. as an android programmer myself i know that this would be really really easy to do/fix/implement.

please provide a way to disable auto rotate, it's easy, i really beg you, more happy costumers 8-)

may thanks


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