Locked out.... Login from Germany.... What's going on?

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Locked out.... Login from Germany.... What's going on?

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Hi-I have a weather station and about a month ago I received an email saying that someone logged into my weather station from Germany. I don't live in Germany. I have not shared my weather station with anyone from Germany so I was concerned you might say. So first I changed my password and then disassociated all my Netatmo devices. I contacted customer support and got very little help-I was asked if I was using a third party app and I replied No and that was about 3 weeks ago and no word since. Not happy with the customer service especially considering the fact that someone 'hacked' into my weather station from Germany.

About a week ago I set up our devices again and all seemed to be well until this morning. I got another email that stated that after several attempts to log in, my account was locked for 10 minutes. Oh ok. Thank you for letting me know but I used my iPhone app this morning to check the temp and as far as I know I was successful in logging in.

So now I am wondering... Did someone attempt to break into my account/weather station again? Or is there some glitch somewhere? What the heck is going on???
I contacted customer support again. I haven't changed my password yet but I will. I don't want to disassociate my weather station again since I don't know what is going on. Is it just me being hacked? Am I being hacked?

Anyone running into this issue? Any thoughts? Thank you so much for any help, Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate Thanksgiving, Judy
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